I’m Radamanthus Batnag.

Husband and Dad. Rails monk, Devops journeyman, and React novice.

I’m currently a Senior Software Engineer at TradeGecko. Prior to this I worked remotely with Engine Yard as devops engineer.

I used to be pretty active in the Manila tech scene, and I was the co-organizer of the Philippine Ruby Users Group from 2009 to 2012. I still help with community activities from time to time, but nowadays I let the younger generation of developers run the scene.

Most of the things I’ve worked on are corporate projects, but here are some things I’ve built recently with my personal time:

  • MovieEffects: Professionally, I’m a backend programmer. I need some place to practice my frontend and React skills, so I built this. It’s built with Semantic UI, React, and Rails 5.

  • EngineNiRad: This is a collection of open-source Terraform scripts I developed while doing AWS Infrastructure consulting.

  • Siphon: (Exploratory project). PaperTrail (the paid service, not the Ruby gem) can get pretty expensive. I’m currently exploring how to replace PaperTrail with AWS Kinesis, S3 and Elasticsearch. Siphon is a Rails application I built to ingest logs from Heroku Logplex to an AWS Kinesis stream.

You can reach me as radamanthus in most online services I’m in:

  • Github: https://github.com/radamanthus/
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/radamanthus/
  • Google: radamanthus
  • Twitter: @radamanthus
  • Resume

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